May Bank Holiday Weekend Saturday

So how did you spend yours?


Ours had been planned for some time, as everything seemed to be happening on the same weekend.
On Saturday the boy had offered to help out with a big competition that his fencing club were running. I have lots of respect for everything that this sport is teaching the boy so agreed that I would go along too. We arrived a little later than intended due to the boys lack of enthusiasm to get clean in the mornings. But we still arrived in plenty of time to help sign in the women competitor’s. Everyone was fencing foil, which is currently the boys chosen weapon. The men had started the first of 2 round, where you fight each person in a group to determine your competition ranking. It was easy to follow as its first to 5 hits or highest in 3 minutes, and the scoring was displayed on an electronic scoreboard. The boy settled into giving out water, and I helped people find their way around.

Once the rounds are over the top and bottom fencers fight to 15 points, with the looser eliminated.
We had a lovely day, with a couple of nail-biting fights between some of the boys fellow club members. The winners of the mens both being from our club and brothers, the younger of the two winning by just one point. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall on that drive home!!

And what did the boy get out if it?
He enjoyed some freedom, he loves meeting new people and befriended a lady fencer who was really quite taken with him. He even made friends with the judges, which can only help in the future.
He enjoyed running round with the other kids, and I am sure made some lasting friendships.
He learnt patience, as there was less to do at the beginning, than later on.
And hopefully he had fun, he certainly slept well.

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