London visit

Ok so I am starting to look forward to our visit to London this week. I have never liked crowded London but am actually looking forward to seeing the lights this time. I think we might even take the boy to Harrods to see Santa, if there is time.
The main reason for the trip is for the “Wicked Young Writers Awards” ok, so I know I enter a lot of competitions, but I must confess to having forgotten all about this one as I entered it sometime back in May. I sent in a story that the boy had written at school for book week, and I think he was 5 at the time, but I liked the story, and so it seems, do the judges. His nursery manager always said he would be a writer! We will be getting to meet Michael Morpurgo, and have been reading lots of his books over the last few weeks. (I must confess to not having read any before) we also get to meet the cast of Wicked and if the Boy wins, we get tickets to the show. While I don’t think the boy will win the age group 5-7  that he has been short listed in, I think it will be a great learning experience for him, and to have his story published will be great.

So next year why not enter your Child you never know they might get to have a trip to London in 2013, and guess what the grandparents will be getting for Christmas this year!

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