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I love chocolate and especially good quality dark chocolate, so I was surprised that I had not tried Hotel Chocolate until now. With such a vast selection of chocolate gifts online and in stores across the UK it was a hard choice, I finally I decided on the Mingles & Jingles bag of assorted solid chocolate shapes.

The beautiful drawstring cloth bag came carefully packed in a branded box. The bag contains 36 individually packed Christmas characters, an angel, bell, and penguin, each one made from a different type of chocolate. There is 40% milk, white and caramel chocolate. The 40% milk chocolate is has an almost dark taste without being bitter and tastes very luxurious. The white chocolate has a very vanilla look and is usually to sweet for me, but again this has a luxury taste without being too sickly. The caramel which I though was milk has a wonderful smell and again has a beautiful taste.

I really enjoyed this gift from Hotel Chocolat and will be ideal to share with the family on Christmas day. There certainly will be something for each type of chocolate lover! I would say my only disappointment was the wrappers are not clear so you can’t see the fantastic festive shapes until you unwrap them. I would have loved to have them on display in a bowl, but you would have to take them out of the orange wrappers for this!

Overall for my first taste of Hotel Chocolat is that their chocolate has a beautiful taste and luxurious gift feel. The Mingles and Jingles bag costs £21.00 and I think for this type of chocolate is a great way to share a little Christmas cheer. Have a look at their website for more gift ideas, not just for Christmas, and I am sure you will find something for all chocolate fans!

Disclaimer we were sent the Hotel Chocolat bag of Mingles and Jingles to review the opinions remain ours and have not been changed.

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