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Earlier in the year our family won the chance to review and keep a new fridge freezer this caused much excitement, as the boy has a bit of a thing for freezer ice-cube trays. When we go to electrical stores he like to spend his time hunting them out! So here is our review for AO.com which you can also see live on their website.

Here is our review of the Hisence Fridge Freezer from AO.com

We were asked to review this Hisence Fridge Freezer, and as a brand I had never heard of before I didn’t know what to expect. This fridge freezer has exceeded my expectations for the price. It is very nicely made, the doors feel strong and well made. The shelves inside the fridge and freezer are all glass and it is also frost-free, so no more annoying defrosting.
I was very pleased with the colour which looks very much like stainless steel but without the annoying finger marks.
The fridge freezer has some very useful extras, with a  fast freeze, speed chill and even a setting for while you are on holiday to use less electric. It has an energy rating of A+ which is good, and is a great size. I like having 2 draws in the bottom one for meat and one for fruit and veg. I would say the only thing that you need to be aware of with this fridge freezer is that it needs to be at least 10cm away from any wall of cupboard. This is due to the compressors being on the side of the appliance so it does get warm to the touch. If you decide like we did to change the door over, please be aware that you will need to read the instructions thoroughly! They are quite small and it did take us about an hour to do, plus you will need all the tools specified.
Overall I am very pleased with the Hisence fridge freezer as it has all the space I need, is easy to wipe clean, and keeps my food fresh and cool while looking very modern and smart.

I can honestly say I couldn’t have picked a better fridge freezer myself, In fact I have been looking for the right one for over a year and the perfect one just didn’t seem to be out there. The customer service from AO.com was also brilliant and I think the system of phoning and texting you the time for delivery are brilliant. The Fridge freezer was due for delivery between 11am and 3pm and was with me at 11.30am and in the house and ready to go in 5 minutes.

If you would like the chance to review and keep an appliance for AO.com then why not join them on their live feed at 4pm on a Friday, where they also have some amazing competitions, for more details visit their Facebook page, twitter or Google+

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