Here comes the roof

YES finally here comes the roof…

I know this is a strange thing to be quite so excited about but today is the day the scaffolding goes up! We have been in our house for 6 years now, and from the moment we saw it we fell in love with it. We used to drive past dreaming one day we would live here, then like a small miracle 10 months after we first saw it up for sale, 3 offers, 2 rejections and a chain of 9 buyers later we moved in.
This was always going to be our forever house. It has all we wanted, a huge garden, bigger than I can weed in a year, parking, a garage, 3 bedrooms, a lovely lounge, big kitchen, and even a summer-house. We knew it needed work, but it was liveable…fast forward 6 years and we have done every room except our bedroom. New bathroom, kitchen, boiler, floors, electrics, carpets, redecorated every room and now a NEW roof!
The house is not far off its 100th birthday so the roof was going to be a big job, its clay tiles and they have all started to split with the frost getting under them. On a windy night you hear them rattling down the roof at speed and crashing on the ground below. The chips fill up my gutters, and cause other water problems and parts have gone green with the moss.

So you can see now why I am looking forward to a beautiful clean roof, one that wont need us to risk life either walking under it, or climbing on it to clean it.
We are also having a new window in the bathroom and a new dormer in our bedroom, which will mean having to pull the ceiling down! But I can cope. I think! Maybe ask me that again when I have had builders in my life every day for 3 weeks…

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    1. I am excited, but still a little worried, and yes possibly the second most expensive thing (after kids! :-))

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