Disneyland Paris

It’s finally time to get excited as we have just had our date for our Disney holiday confirmed!
In march we were lucky enough to win Disney’s Funniest Family competition. Our prize is a trip to Disneyland Paris. So fast forward and now we can start to get excited as our hotel the Newport Bay and dates for August are set.
We have our passports at the ready, escu done insurance sorted. So what next?
I havent been to the Paris parks since they opened in 1992 so can remember a few of the rides. Of course I will be heading for my favorites Terror Towers and Big Thunder Mountain.
But do you have any recommendations?
What about the dinner wild west show? Is it worth getting the more expensive tickets?
Should I book to have dinner with mickey mouse and palls or stand in line.

I have so many questions, and as a forward planning mum, hope to make the most of my time before we go so that we utilize every second of our trip.

The boy on the other hand is looking forward to the train and the channel tunnel!

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