When is a day off not a day off?

When is a day off not a day off?

When it’s because your teacher is on strike!

I have mixed feelings about teachers going on strike, I have good friends who are teachers, and I feel that a good teacher would always have their pupils learning at the heart of what they do. I can’t help feel that maybe this is all being blown out of proportion. Ok so they have the right to strike, and everyone should have the right to voice their opinions. But hasn’t the time for striking and it making any point whatsoever ¬†long gone. I know you are fighting for pensions and pay, but welcome to the world most of us live in. I feel sorry for those of you who are about to retire, to have pensions cut at this point is never good. But when I get to retirement age, will I get a state pension? Have I had a pay rise in the last 8 years of working? and can I have a day where I say to my boss I’m not working today?

I have found it very difficult to explain the reasons why the boy wont be going to school tomorrow. I have explained the reasons behind why his teacher is striking, yet all his friends will be in school. I have told him if he thinks it isn’t fair, or has any questions then he should go and ask his teacher. I don’t think I have the right to answer on this persons behalf, and if he feels strongly enough to strike then a few questions from an 8-year-old are ok, aren’t they?

I can forgive just one day, however tempted I am to send a letter into the school saying if this happens again there will be a fine of ¬£60! after all if I wasn’t at home I would have to pay childcare. So my last question, should I take him into school for his lunchtime clubs? as the teacher for this club will be there!


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  1. I have very mixed feelings about teachers striking. I get the right to strike thing (for anybody jumping on the bandwagon, reading this), but also understand why the Police Force are not allowed to strike. They do have a better system for negotiating pay though! I think that if you choose to do a job that is important to the future of our children, then it’s not acceptable to us this importance as a means to get better pay rises. The entire country is suffering as a result of the economy, why then, should teachers not be considered the same. Even the Police have had to accept cut backs – and there is no question as to their importance!
    As a teenager that left school in 1987 and being the last year of the O’ Level system, my classmates and I and thousands of other children were deeply affected by 2 years of striking. The knock on effect was so severe, the teachers that were there, refused to have any responsibility for children at lunch times and ‘every’ child was turfed out for an hour a day onto the street…. some did not return for the afternoon as they felt disgruntled at having to walk for half an hour to the nearest place that served hot food and then have to eat it on the way back. We had so many supply teachers in those 2 years that I was fed up of having to ‘look at what you’ve been learning in your text books’ – we were not being taught, we were being pacified! I went from being top in my class in a higher set in Maths to coming out of school with a CSE Grade 3. I didn’t get all of the O’ Levels I wanted and this then affected college applications (for me as well as many others). I ended up working and going to night school classes to gain extra qualifications. Thank you to my teachers for messing up 12 years of my educated life with this end result!
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    1. Snap! I’m totally with you – and yet I’ve pretty much always worked in education. I was the year below you at school and it became a complete shambles. My school was in a fair area, yet I came out with half the GCSE’s I was predicted and I was one of the best. We were seriously let down and I think it’s very hard to forget that, so sympathy for striking teachers is something that we at least are unlikely to find easily.
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  2. Personally I don’t agree with the strikes. My husband used to be a teacher and was always grateful for his job. Yes it was hard work but he got paid well compared to other jobs in our area and he had so much holiday! I think they should be grateful to have a job in the current economic climate. I think you have done the right thing telling your son to ask his teacher if he has any questions. I would like to be a fly on the wall!!
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  3. Will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. We had a letter to suggest as far as they know the school would be open, but things could change on the day. I’m assuming that most teachers are going in and plan on taking M in – or am I being naive?? Will be a bit annoyed if we find out in morning that I have to bring her home again!!
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