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Last weekend we were lucky to be invited to join Chad Valley for their world of imagination event in London. We thought this would be a good opportunity for us to have a bit of fun, and also visit a few more of the Merlin attractions on our list.

As this was our first bloggers event we were not sure what to expect, so as we walked up the green carpet, through the wonky doors and into a converted church we knew we were in the right place, just not quite what was happening! We were greeted with popcorn, and of course toys! Lots of toys, for as far as we could see into the brightly lit room. There were some fun and imaginative props, weird cardboard trees, giant sweets, giant tables, beds made from speakers, a pirate ship sofa and a very tall man with a blow up dinosaur! Ok so as children we are just take it for granted using our imagination, but as adults maybe we need a little bit of prompting!

Chad Valley wanted to remind us and have fun playing and using our imaginations, and I didn’t take much prompting as I have always enjoyed being silly! The boy wanted to find some more grown up toys to play with and I think his favourites were definately the remote controlled snakes, as a big fan of Indiana Jones these were pretty cool, there were also spiders! and battling dinosaurs. There was plenty for the little ones from shopping trolleys, music making and crafts, and kitchens something the boy loved when he was smaller.  By far our favourite Chad Valley Toy was the racing cars, with their double loop it took a while to get the hang and to stop them shooting off the end of the track. But once Dad and the boy had got the hang of it, it was hard to stop them from trying to lap each other.

Chad Valley toys can be exclusively found at Argos, and have a great range of affordable toys to encourage your children’s imaginations. I was surprised by the vast range of their toys, with lots to keep everyone including Dad interested. My favourite part? sitting on a giant dining chair swinging my legs and eating chocolate pop cakes!

Thanks to Chad Valley for inviting us to this event we had fun.

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  1. Looked like a fab event,and looks like you had a fab day :).Chad Valley Toys are fab.My first Teddy,when I was a baby is a Chad Valley,still got him now 🙂

  2. This looks amazing! Love when adults are allowed to indulge their imaginations! The pirate ship sofa sounds like something I kindaaaa would want in my actual house 🙂

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