Carcraft Lego challenge

Carcraft are challenging bloggers to make a story using Lego and we chose to use some of our cops and robbers (Our Lego set arrived after the video deadline).

Over the half term we have been practicing stop start animation, with about 300 pictures making up a 30 second piece of film. In the past we have made films using a camera with this technique, the animation software we have now makes things much easier. We had the odd mishap, the hand in shot, plus trying to find a way of keeping the scenery very still. With the addition of music, and a little poetic licence this is what we came up with, we hope you like it!

Our animation shows that crime doesn’t pay! If you are looking to buy a car Carcraft, can help as the country’s leading used car supermarket, with no added nasty’s!


Disclaimer, we have been sent a Lego set to keep, the video, ideas and opinions remain our own.



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    1. Thanks, it took a while, and the twist kind of happened when I found the Lego Dinosaurs, they just had to be in it somewhere.

    1. Thanks, it took a while but we are getting quicker. We take it in turns to move and take the pictures. We love the Dinosaurs too, I think they might feature more in the next one!

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