A giant cactus? No problem…

I do like a challenge so when a friend said “do you have a giant cactus?” My answer was no, but I found myself saying “but I can make you one!”

I have loved making things but this is not quite the same as paper chains or Christmas cards. So where to start, well I had planned it in my head for a few days. Something I have discovered I am pretty good at and just in case you are ever asked then here is what you need:

So I gathered my resources, long plumbing tube (6ft) roll of heavy duty lining wallpaper, veg box, felt tip pens, scissors, gaffa tape, staple gun, cello tape and half a dozen black straws…

First we found a Wild West style cactus picture on google, then fixed the pipe with the box at the bottom. Next roll out the paper, draw an outline cactus body and cut out. Then two arms were drawn out and secured with tape. Next the boy and I used lots of scribbles to colour in and outline.
Then secure the tube and box with a couple of staples and and tape at the bottom. Next you need to reinforce the arms I made triangular tubes and taped these on. Lastly we cut spiky straw taping these in groups to the back and sides.

All was ready we stood our creation up! And didn’t stop laughing!! Firstly as it was over 6ft tall and second as it looked like it was doing a dance. It certainly looked the part. The boy enjoyed the process and the problem solving. I just wanted to prove to him that you can make most things with a bit of imagination…

Now you might have just one last question, why a cactus, well that is another story…

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