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Last weekend we saw some glorious sunshine, and along with our delivery of 1.5 tons of compost it was time to get out in the garden. People are always telling me that the garden looks good, but I can tell you it is full of weeds and is very hard work!

The boy was very excited to get out and enjoy the fresh air as he had been in for most of the week, and I wasn’t sure how it would affect him so we spent lots of time indoors. The huge pile of compost was too much excitement though and he soon got stuck in “Helping” to fill all the buckets so that I could spread it on the flower beds.

compost gardening

The Twigz tools came in very handy for levelling the pile, I was told this was necessary to stop collapse. As we also get enough for our neighbours garden the boy was soon off next door with the wheelbarrow and spades. I wasn’t quite ready and needed to weed a bit before dressing the flower beds and kept getting told I was being too slow!


We managed to shift quite a bit but it will be a few weeks before the whole garden is done. I can recommend buying in bulk if you have a big garden or club together like we do with a neighbour. The garden should benefit from the extra feed as our soil is very claggy and mostly clay. Hopefully the vegetables will also flourish from the extra feed, and fingers crossed the strawberry’s too!

The day ended with one very happy if a little grubby boy, who managed to turn the bath water a very murky brown colour. But it didn’t stop him going out the next day to do it all over again, except this time he buried himself in it!

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    1. It is slow going, as I haven’t weeded for some months! We will give it a good try this year and see what happens

  1. The photos show a very happy little boy doing exactly what children should do; enjoying themselves mucking around. Love the photo of him lying in the soil.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.
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