On Sunday the boy was weeding the garden with dad, when he came running in with something to show me. He was very excited as he had found a small yellow snail. He told me he thought it was very rare, as he had never seen one before and he wanted to take a picture.

I went to grab the camera, and we tried to take some close up pictures. The snail seemed happy to crawl all over the boy, and moved at some speed, for a snail.
But as hard as I tried I couldn’t get the camera to work properly so suggested the boy took the snail outside and take some of his own. At this point the snail pooed on the boy’s hand, yes you couldn’t make it up! He was fascinated, and took the snail outside. After 5 minutes boy and snail returned with some fantastic pictures. I suggested that he took some more, as I know he is really keen to enter some pictures into the country file calendar. So off they disappeared.

Ten minutes this time boy and snail reappeared, and more great pictures, but now as it was time for dinner I said he needed to find newly named BORIS a safe place outside in the garden. We talked about keeping him as a pet, but I thought he would be happier somewhere nice.
There were tears! Yes real tears as the new friends parted. The boy is such a sensitive soul. But I assured him this was ok as I knew he loved his new friend.

We have printed pictures, and have some ready for the morning to take to school. What do you think?

Monday comes, breakfast eaten, showered and ready for school. “I wonder where Boris is”? The boy went off to have a look, and guess what Boris is still in the place he left him! and again when we got home, so now we have rehomed Boris in a nice shrub (rather than halfway up a tree!)

I hope he will be a happy snail, and I know a little boy who is thinking about him and dreaming about what he might be up too…

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  1. Aarrrhhh, sounds like he had a lovely time, I’m still waiting for my son to start bringing me random wildlife from the garden but this morning we watched a snail move across the window from inside and talked about the ripples on it’s foot and how snails walk.

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