A Week of Fencing

This week is an important week for the boy, as he will be attending the British Youth Championships,to compete in the Foil Under 10’s. I know how much his fencing means to him, but I think Dad M and I are more excited about the impending trip north than the boy.


With all the arrangements made, B&B booked equipment purchased, now it all comes down to how the boy will feel on the day. I think the Under 10’s is anybody’s as at this age they are not all as committed to the sport. It all comes down to what they remember on the day, and how they feel. So today the boy will be having a little bit of extra fencing to give him some extra confidence.

We have a two-hour fencing session today, and then another one and a half on Friday, then it will be fingers crossed. Of course I hope the boy does well, but at the end of the day it is all a great learning curve, and sometimes you can get more from loosing a few matches. It’s a great discipline and a great way to learn respect for not just your fellow competitors but also the adults, judges, and referee’s.

The competition at the weekend will consist of two pool rounds (usually 5 people) where each competitor will fight each other in turn. Then a second pool group will follow the same pattern. The scores form these two pools will then be toted up and the top 32 will fight knockout. This takes them from 32 to 16 then 8 with the top eight winning medals. While we have no expectations for the boy to reach such heights in his first national competition, we will be there to cheer him on, with all our fingers and toes crossed.

My little fencer


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    1. I am not sure a medal is on the cards? It would be amazing if he did, but I don’t want to put any pressure on him while he is this young. He will also be one of the youngest there and could end up fighting 11 year olds! Its a weird system, just getting my head round it all.

    1. Thanks yes fun, tonight was interesting as the other lad his age is scared of him and doesn’t like fighting him, I just hope they don’t get drawn against one another on Sunday!

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