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We had lots of fun making our Walkers Mighty Light video at the weekend, so much so that when I asked the boy what he wanted to do on his last day before going back to school he said “can we make another crisp video?” followed by one of those whiney Pleeeeeeeeeeseeeee kind of noises!

So here is video number 2, Crisp football

Ok, so if you feel inspired to get your little ones into animation is was all very simple.

You will need:
A camera, it doesn’t need to be fancy and a tripod if you have one, but you could sit the camera on a box, just make sure it stays still while taking your shots.
Blue tack or similar, useful for making things stand up and stay where you put them.
Your subjects, we used crisps with ooglie eyes glued to them.
Background and props, the boy enjoyed making advertising hoardings, can you tell his favourite companies?

We found it is worth having everything ready before you start filming, and we had a story worked out as well. You will need to have an idea in your head of how to start and end your story and will need to move your characters about 10cm each time you take a picture. We found moving the other characters as well as your key subject helped to give the film a living feel.

It really was easier than we thought and the film part only took about 20 minutes and 90 pictures later we had told our story. Now to edit these into a film. I use Microsoft Movie maker which you can download for free here. Once you have opened your software simply load all your pictures and I set them to view for 1/2 a second. We decided that we needed to add music rather than leaving the film silent, tracks can be found on royalty free websites.
Then simply press play!
It really is as simple as that, the boy had great fun, and wants to make some more, so watch this space you never know what we might be sticking eyes on next!

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    1. I don’t think so! This was 90 % the boy this time I did the editing. It really was much easier than we thought and he now wants to do another one. I haven’t the heart to tell him the crisps went in the bin yesterday!

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