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This week it’s just about back to normal in the Dragon house (well as normal as its ever going to be!) This means back to the weekly shop, as I decided we couldn’t live on biscuits and chocolate any more!

Trolley Bags were there to help me out, and I have to say it’s not often that you see something that you think “Why didn’t someone think of that before?” Trolley Bags are a set of four coloured bags designed to fit perfectly in the trolley. Graded in size and shape to fit, and the perfect way to pack your shopping. If you use the supermarket self scan, then even better as you can pack as you shop. Trolley Bags are available from the Packing Sorted website at £16.99, which at first may seem pricey but I think great value for money if you work out the time they can save while shopping and the environmental impact plastic bags have on the planet.

trolley bags

I set of for my local supermarket, list in hand to see exactly how these bags could work for me. The four bags use a system of Velcro to keep them together and one problem I had was keeping them rolled up. They seemed bulky, but fitted on the back of the trolley while I shopped. At the checkout I simply unrolled the bags and slid them onto the trolley. The bars running through the bags support them on the sides of the trolley allowing a good size opening for each bag to be filled. At this point it is worth noting that you need to have the bags graded from orange at the back (bag 4) to blue at the front (bag 1). Because each bag is graded in height and size if you don’t you will have all sorts of problems!

I found the bags easy to pack, and they hold a large amount of shopping so you might find it best to put heavy items in the smaller bags (bag 1 and 2) otherwise the bags will be too heavy to lift. I whizzed through the checkout and out to my car. This was the only real problem I had with the bags having a very small car the bags wont fit in my boot. They were simple to lift in by un-fastening the Velcro and lifting into my floor well. If you have a big family car Trolley bags will be easy to lift and as they all connect I can imagine would stand easily and upright in your boot.

trolley bags in action

Overall I have been impressed with the quality and usability of the Trolley Bags. They were perfect for taking away the packing stress, when the shop checkout fills up as you load. They hold a good amount of shopping and are available to buy now from the website, if you would like the chance to win a set to try for yourself then why not enter my gleam app giveaway below.

Trolley Bags

Disclaimer: I was sent Trolley Bags to review, the words are my own and have not been altered.

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  2. We seem to average about once a week for a fairly big shop. We were more organized with it when we did weekly deliveries. Now that’s stopped, it would be great to have more bags that can hold large amounts easily.

  3. There is only me and hubby at home now and we both eat different things so we tend to do our own food shopping every day everything is fresher that way

  4. i am a mum of four so a family of 6 and i have to do a full shop every 2 eldest children are now older and 1 has her own place and the other eldest son is in and out to partners ect so my shopping is now probably to a 2 week shop now rather than a full shop every wekk.fab idea to keep everything where they need to be

  5. Just me and my partner so once a week! We currently live in two separate flats (been dating two years) but cook/eat together everyday and do our shopping together to cut costs. This would really help with those “Damn, I left the pasta at mine!” moments 🙂

  6. Not that often as we don’t have a car. But as there is only the two of us in the house and I work right next to two supermarkets I just get what we need as we need it.

  7. Big supermarket shop once a week, specialist/health foods every fortnight and once a month for laundry, cleaning, loo rolls, toothpaste etc.

  8. Do big shop once a week and top up as and when needed. Fantastic prize – I wish I had thought of this product as Del Boy would say next year we will be millionnaires!!! x

  9. once a week however where also down every other day for basics which tend to be 2 or 3 bags full….side effect of having 5 kids lol

  10. I tend to do a smaller shops every few days as it helps me budget and also stops the kids eating everything in site

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