This time last week – #CountryKids

This time last week we had only just arrived back from our two week holiday in Florida, it was wet and cold and all we could do was dream about the fantastic holiday we had, had! I hope to share lots from our trip, once we get over the small thing called Christmas! but in the mean time here are a few of our pictures, two weeks spent outdoors without coats!


florida2We made so many family memories while we were away, from exploring our Caribbean island, swinging in hammocks. Meeting the wildlife, one very brave squirrel in Magic Kingdom. The newly named Popcorn Pecker birds, the boys craze for selfies everywhere, rides and staying up past midnight. Then there was food with ice creams, dole whips, mickey pretzels, puddings all washed down with chocolate milk.


florida4Holidays are a great time for us to reconnect as a family, and spend time just having fun. I hope we will be able to go back one day and had better start saving now!


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