The BIG Family school year diary from Mum’s Office

When I was given the opportunity to review The BIG Family school year diary from Mum’s Office I knew it was going to be very useful.
From the middle of August I will officially be a stay at home mum, so I need something that I can keep track of mine and my families whereabouts. Ok so there are only 3 of us, but with lots of school clubs, and meetings I think that keeping a note is important.
I was sent this diary in gorgeous raspberry to try out and so far so good. It is a large size diary so unless you are Mary Poppins and carry a carpet bag, I think its something that will stay at home. It has some great pages, including a pocket money chart, dates to remember, need to know information and my favourite the In case I loose my mobile page, or in my case the when my battery dies page!

I love the quality of the paper, its good to write on and doesn’t leak through to the opposite page. The grid system is also very well planned out so that you can add your kids or in my case dinner and blogging reminders. The diary also comes with 2 ribbons useful for marking favourite page and the current week, and there is so much room I think I can fit all my info and hopefully competition wins as well. I have started to fill in some of the details, but need to sit in front of the TV and finish this task as I like to use my neatest handwriting. This wont last as next week I know I will be in a rush and things will become illegible squiggles as the boy calls them.

Hopefully the diary will stop all the bits of paper stuck to the fridge, and on top of it. These blow off when you open the back door. And I will never miss an important date again. I have been really impressed with the quality of this diary, it comes in some lovely colours and at £16.95 is good value, if it can get rid of all my scraps of paper it will be even better.

If you want to get organised have a look at Mum’s Office website and you never know they might have just what you have been looking for?

I was given a Diary to review, the opinion’s remain mine and have not been altered or changed.

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