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Our family favourite Friday night treat is a curry, and has become something of a tradition. The boy has been asking me since Christmas when we would have the next Friday curry. Since he started fencing on a Friday it has been difficult to juggle the earlier dinner and our favourite treat.

Half term was the perfect opportunity for us to all sit down and have our favoite meal together. I had plenty of time to put together a tasty banquet thanks to some samples from Spices of India.

If you love to cook Indian Food then here, at Spices of India, you’ll find the widest selection of  Ground Spices, Whole Spices, Beans, Lentils, Appetisers, Snacks, Masalas, Pastes, Pickles, Indian Sweets, Desserts and much more

I love the fact that the boy is always willing to try out new foods, and he seems to like them tasty and a little bit hot, rather than the milder flavours. We were sent a Chilli Fry curry to try. This is quite a spicy curry, I did add a little yogurt to it to make it slightly milder. It was easy to prepare and comes in a easy to open pouch. You simply add your chosen ingredient and some fresh coriander to serve. It was very tasty and we all enjoyed it.

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To go with our Chilli we had a Lime chutney, this was not like the lime pickle you get from the take away, but was a milder sweeter chutney style. Dad M said it still had a bit of a kick too it, and was very tasty. You only need a little bit so the jar will last us some time, and will keep in a cool place for 6 months.

Next time I am looking forward to trying out My Huda’s Tikka Paste which looks very authentic. With 16 cooking servings per pot this curry paste will be a useful store cupboard ingredient

“Combination of fresh herbs and authentic spices, uncooked and naturally preserved in rapeseed oil, just the way we chefs blend in our kitchens.”, Maf Huda – Chef & Creator

Spices of India have a great selection of not only curry spices, pastes and other grocery items but you can also find recipe books, storage and even cookware. Postage starts from £3.95 and orders over £35 will be sent throughout the UK for FREE.


Disclaimer we were sent products to try, the opinions remain ours.

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    1. We like trying something new, and the lime pickle was defiantly different. I wish I had time to cook curry from scratch, these are defiantly the better option time wise!

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