Sky Side at Birmingham Airport

Last week we were invited to join a group of bloggers for our first ever blogging event at Birmingham airport. The brief was to have a look at their new sky side project to keep kids occupied while you wait to fly off on your holidays!

We started the day early as we don’t live that close to the airport but in no time at all we had arrived, it was very easy to find and we had plenty of time to park and meet up with Justine, Francesca and Michelle who were going to show us around.
The first thing we had to do is to check in, and we had to bring our passports so it was just like we were going on holiday. The boy was very excited, even though he knew we weren’t going to actually fly anywhere! We were given security passes, and our all important Sky Pass, and set of on our first mission.
Each child who checks in with their family on a Thompson or Monarch flight from Birmingham will automatically be given a sky pass. But don’t worry because if you are flying with another airline, you just need to keep your eyes peeled for one of the Sky Zone crew. There will be several members of the team handing out sky passes as you go through the departures area of the airport so knowone misses out!

Each pass has lots of fun missions to cater for all ages, and our group had children aged from babies right up to nearly 8. The first thing you need to do is work out your cadet name, and don’t worry they also give each child a pencil. You then have to start to look for hidded letters to form a word to help you find the skyzone. The next step is to go through security and the boy wasn’t allowed to take photos here, once through security you continue to find letters to make up your secret word.
When you arrive in the departure lounge you have all the usual duty free as well as well known high street shops. the boy was getting good at finding the mini zooms and collecting stamps along the way, there are some very sneaky ones!
We then all got together to meet Zoom, who is the character who the whole project is based around, the little kids loved having pictures with him. They also gave him high fives. The boy being a bit cooler than all that wasn’t so keep but still joined in. Zoom then took us to what we think is the best part of the airport the Sky Zone.

This is a one of a kind (in the UK) area where the kids can run around and let of steam while you wait for your flight. There were a couple of coffee shops within easy reach so great for grown ups. The area had 2 large inflatable igloos with fun computer games. One was coloured lights on the floor that played music and the other was cool and you could kick autumn leaves or chase fish and even play football. There was a quite area to watch cartoons, as well as to very cool computer tables. This is the place the boy headed for and stopped for most of the time we were there! At first he was disappointed as the games seemed to easy for his age. But with the sky crew on hand to show us how it worked we soon found puzzles and maths which he loved. You could choose how easy or hard you wanted each game, and could even move screens so that lots of kids could play on each table so no squabbling! There were also questions and interesting facts all around the area, Daddy M enjoyed trying to beat the buzzer, and everyone seemed very impressed.

All too soon it was time to go and have a spot of lunch with the sky crew, but I can honestly say as a parent I was very impressed. We have used the Virgin V lounge at Gatwick (which you have to pay for) and this was much more fun. The airport was lovely and clean easy to get through and find where you needed to go. Security were thorough, and we had great views of the plains for those that just like to see what is going on!. So if you plan to fly from Birmingham with your family I would recommend you check out Sky Zone.

And what did the boy think?

Next time we go on holiday, can we fly from Birmingham airport because I would like to go back and play the maths game!

Have a look at the video as Sam and Mark explain all about it!

We were asked to visit Sky zone and given our travel expenses, but the opinions remain ours and have not been changed or altered.

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    1. I wish they would as I would pay to use it, the kids were worn out after all the chasing, just ready to have a calm plane ride!

  1. I think this is a great idea. We are going to our local airport in October and they don’t have anything like this for the kids. It can be long and boring waiting for a flight, especially if there are delays. Love the rainbow pod!

  2. Wow, this does look amazing! As a bit of a nervous flyer, I think this would help with me entertain the kids whilst trying to stay calm!

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