Scan Day

Today is scan day, and all the dragon family have their fingers crossed for a quick mend. Dad M has been in more pain than he thought with his leg, and has realised that there was actually no way he could have spent a day at work.

I think I will have to ban the hours of watching daytime repeats of Magnum PI and Kojak, and find him something more productive to do! But all in all the first week with the temporary disabled dragon has been better than I though. We have found a new use for value cling film, which allows him to have a one leg shower without getting the plaster wet, and at 60p for a roll is much cheaper than the bag socks you can buy.

So this afternoon will be the important scan, and while I am head taxi driver, I will have to leave Dad M at the hospital, as the boy has a maths parent workshop. Hopefully all will go well and we can collect a happy Dad at the end of the day, so here goes…

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