Sandcastles on the beach

We are so lucky to live near the sea, and I know that as a family we don’t spend nearly enough time taking advantage of this free local resource!

This year is my first as a SAHM. I decided days building sandcastles on the beach, either cycling down for an ice cream or simply rock pooling would be part of our summer days out. Sometimes it’s so easy as a family to think that spending vast sums of money on expensive days out will bring family happiness. But as we are finding the simple, fun, and often free days out are more memorable.


When I saw that Littlehampton (just down the road) were having their sandcastle competition, I dragged the boy and Dad along. As a child I remember enjoying making complicated castles, and know that you can make spectacular and elaborate sculptures in sand. The boy and Dad, were sceptical, but after a little practice, and some persuasion were brought round to my way of thinking.

sandcastles on the beach

We set of with spades, buckets, and a few props to see if we could wow the judges with our Dragon inspired creation. The boy was entered into the under 11’s, a tough category, and although we did help with digging and collecting, the sculpting and decoration was all the boys handiwork. I especially love the stones for eyes, which the boy found complete with holes.some great sandcastles on the beach

I think he did a Fantastic job as this was his first real sculpture, and I love the detail he added in for the scales. We didn’t win a prize, but with 200 entrants, it was always going to be about having fun. We decided that we all needed a treat, a nice cup of tea, and some of the new BN biscuits from McVitie’s would be perfect. While the boy thinks the chocolate BN biscuits are not chocolaty enough, I think both are fun, and certainly went down well with a cuppa.


Making sandcastles on the beach is a cheap and easy day out, and one that we are planning to repeat at the end of the month. I have entered us into the Wittering’s Sandcastle competition, where we will compete in categories for the tallest, most elaborate, and people’s favourite. It should be fun as we have a full 3 hours this time for our creation, and we have high hopes. Now fingers are crossed that our sandcastles wont be washed away by the rain!

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  1. The perfect summer day! I am so pleased we are back near the sea and can’t wait to get on the beach with my two!

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