PLYT a family multiplication board game

PLYT is a family multiplication board game for up to six players, aged 4+. We were offered the chance to review PLYT and as the boy is a huge fan of anything to do with maths how could I refuse. The game on first glance, and unpacking the box seemed easy.

The contents include:

A playing board, 6 12 sides dice, 5 (red one black) 6 playing pieces, a 30 second timer, a pack of chance cards, a bowl and instructions.

On first reading the instructions the simplicity of the game didn’t come across, but like most games I find if you have a play and just check back with the rules they become much clearer. I was worried that the boy playing against Daddy M (accountant) and Bingo Granny that he would be at a disadvantage, but once you have agreed the standard you want to play, you see how easy it is to iron out the ability.

The idea of the game is to throw your number of dice, multiply the numbers thrown within the 30 seconds and if correct move the number of spaces on the black dice. Throw in the odd chance square and it was soon apparent that we were quite likely to be beaten by a 8-year-old! We started our game with the boy playing two dice and adults three it soon became clear that we were very out of practice with mental maths, especially me! We did agree a few extra rules like the boy could write down parts of sums on a piece of paper, so that he had as much chance of adding in extra dice. You might like to have a calculator to hand as we found it useful for checking when Daddy M got them wrong.

I can see this being a great tool for teaching maths and would greatly improve everyone’s mental math agility, I found after just one game that I was finding better ways of working and checking my answers. I think we all enjoyed playing this game, it was great fun and I think the boy would play a game everyday if he was given the chance. The boy was also quite happy to sit with the PLYT dice and work out his own sums.

PLYT can be bought from their website, where you can also find out about the family who invented PLYT along with tips on how you can change and vary the game. PLYT costs £19.99 from their website, which does seem a little pricey, but when I found out this is not a commercial enterprise this would explain the slightly higher cost.

I would add that I think the rules could do with being a little bit more user-friendly maybe including some illustrations. It was difficult to know at first what was being referred to, but once you have given it a go it was easier to work out.

We enjoyed PLYT as a family and would consider purchasing it, as the boy loves anything to do with maths. Join in the conversation with PLYT on Facebook and Twitter, look for discount on their webpage and say the Soup Dragon sent you!


Disclaimer we were not paid for our review and were given a PLYT game to try and return, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.


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      1. Great comments and we are really glad you like it. We have had some very amusing feedback from people using it as a drinking game – “loads of fun”, “”goes on a VERY long time – not even sure if we finished!” “hilarious and got much harder as the game went on!” etc. It just proves it’s a fun game that can be played by ALL the family! Happy PLYTing 🙂

  1. This sounds great and all of my four should be able to play! We have loads of games and play lots together. I am looking for some ideas for Christmas so will defo consider this one! Thanks x

    1. If you say I sent you they will give you 10% off PLYT, we think its great so its on the boys list already!

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