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To prepare for the cold winter ahead, PetShopBowl are giving away a Feliway calming diffuser (RRP of £28.29) which lasts up to 4 weeks, to one of my readers. It works by giving out a special scent (odourless to people and other animals) that utilizes a replication of the pheromone that cats leave naturally when they are feeling comfortable in their environment. Every time a cat rubs its nose against objects in the home, it leaves behind this pheromone to mark its territory. Even small changes in your home can upset your cat and prevent them from leaving this pheromone, which in turn makes them feel less secure, and increases their stress. Activities such as redecorating, moving the furniture, having guests, going to the cattery and moving home will remove these natural pheromones for your cat, causing it stress.

Feliway Competition

Stress can lead to unhappy behaviour such as less interaction with you, hiding away, general mischief or even scratching or spraying. Using Feliway will help maintain the scent that gives your cat the feeling of peace and calm and reduce the stress that your cat experiences, creating a home where you and your cat will always be ‘happy together’. Even issues like scratching and spraying can be managed. Especially with fireworks night fast approaching, this competition couldn’t be better timed!
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  1. close curtains and put music on to muffle noise also make sure they have somewhere to hide under some furniture

  2. Lots of cuddles and a warm bed with a waterbottle under their blanket along with their favourite toy and a treat! I keep the windows closed and tv on to try and drown out the bangs!

  3. Make sure they’re inside before the fireworks start, they usually settle down on someone’s lap and fall asleep (they are quite laidback cats though).

  4. We close the curtains, and try to take their minds of it by playing with their toys with them. It’s worked so far.

  5. I use Feliway, keep the curtains closed and our cat does have safe places to hide. It was much easier with our old cat – she was deaf…

  6. Our westie is terrified of the fireworks and I have to give her a sedative which I don’t like but she is 10 years old and I can’t have her being distressed. She usually dives under my bed when she hears them going off.

  7. I cuddle up on the sofa with him and watch tv, we’re pretty chilled together and he normally sleeps through the worst!

  8. I’m lucky, the current dogs were all brought up with an older dog who was stone deaf. On hearing a bang they turned to her to see what she did and seeing her lack of reaction assumed that it was normal and ignored it. Our family dog we had when I

  9. Curtains drawn, television on, favourite food down for them. Let them hide under the bed if they want to, and cuddle them if that is better. I have two cats that worry about the noise, and two that will happily sit in the window and watch the fireworks.

  10. Curtains drawn, nice sounds from the TV, extended playtime earlier in day to title them out and constant fusses and reassurance.

  11. A couple of my cats are absolutely fine and don’t mind the fireworks and the others hide in the kids room x

  12. Keep them indoors as centre as possible so they are as far away from the noise as possible. Also stay calm myself so they can see there up nothing to worry about.

  13. Loads of cuddles and treats, they do sit on the window ledge (in doors) and watch the fireworks go up around

  14. The feliway and Adaptil diffusers are great. Keep pets inside, draw your curtains early, put the tv on and give pets a secure place to hide.

  15. one of our dogs really loves watching the fireworks oddly enough and the other hides away in any small place possible

  16. I make sure they are comfortable, with some treats, in the bedroom with curtains closed and put some music on for them, not too loud but enough to drown out any bangs from fireworks.

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  18. Keeping the cats in from early evening, feliway diffuser plugged in, feed them their fav food ( fish!) giving them lots of cuddles, making sure the cat flap is locked so they can’t go out.

  19. I have a chat with them before so they know what’s coming! One likes to brave it out (says he’s strong and tough) and the other just needs cuddles.

  20. I have Feliway diffusers in a few rooms and make sure I’m at home all the time in the days leading up to bonfire night.

  21. I close the cat flap, turn the TV up and keep calm so they feel as calm as possible by sensing that I’m not worried.

  22. I will lay upstairs on my bed with my cats watching telly. I will shut the curtains, turn the tv up a bit and give them lots of fuss and treats 🙂

  23. My little rescue Parsons Terrier -Lizzie shook with fright on Bonfire day on the year we got her. Her little teeth clattered and she couldn’t get close enough to me -tucking herself into my lap so that I couldn’t move.I bought a plug in calming diffuser and she although still very concerned and fidgety ,was less distressed and the teeth stopped clattering . we always turn the TV up and all of us play ballie indoors to try and distract her -she also has a frolicat toy that she loves chasing (a reflected lazer light) so we do our best for her!

  24. I like to spend the day with my cat if possible, giving her lots of attention and playing with her to prepare her for the fireworks later that night. If I’ve spent time with her in the day she’s more inclined to feel closer to me and sit with me when she feels uneasy as she’s often more independent than the cuddle up on your knee type. It is getting more difficult these days though as fireworks seem to be popular for all occassions.

  25. Keep them indoors with the fire on, curtains drawn & music or television on trying to keep things as normal as possible

  26. My 2 little white house cats are the cuter than a button. But they are also crazier than we can handle. This is the only stuff that calmes them down! Great giveaway!

  27. We have one Feliway and it really does work but, obviously, can’t permeate the whole house. Beyond that, we get some treats in, play more and turn the music or TV up a little.

  28. both my dogs are rehomed and lucy is a very nervous dog, she is relaxed sitting with me, so we tend to stay in and lucy sits with me all night, we usually have a movie on with volume up slightly so it drowns out the noise a bit

  29. I make sure he goes out earlier before the fireworks start, then I close the curtains and turn up the tv. Also I stay in one room so he’s always near me.

  30. My cats dont really get bothered by fireworks as we hardly hear any ~ however this would be fab for my local cat rescue centre who house over 120 cats,

  31. Cow is the only one bothered by the fireworks, Zoe and Tiny happily watch out of the window. Feliway or the cheaper version from PetsatHome helps, along with plenty of dark confined spaces. My cat carrier is always out complete with blankets both inside and over the top. Cow uses it whenever he wants somewhere to hide.

  32. I try and find out if any of the neighbours are having fireworks first so I can work out timings. Then try and make the house soundproof!

  33. Keep them in the sitting room close the door and curtains put the tv or play some music to drown out the noise

  34. Blankets, cuddles, and not worrying too much – the dog gets angry at the fireworks and tells them off!

  35. I make sure my 2 cats are all snuggled up on the sofa with some calming cuddles and strokes until the fireworks end, it can be a long night!

  36. Make sure they are indoors and cat flap locked, favourite place for one is under the bed the other is not too bothered as he was a stay and had to just get on with things!

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