O’Right Dandelion Sensitive Shampoo

O’Right Dandelion Sensitive Shampoo is the newest product from the world’s greenest cosmetics company O’Right. Dandelion sensitive shampoo is available now from Harvey Nichols RRP £18.25 for 400ml, and is made from 98% natural ingredients, even the bottle is eco-friendly!

I was intrigued to find out more about O’Right as the boy is quite passionate about being eco-friendly something he has learnt at school. When I told him about a shampoo bottle that not only was eco-friendly, but also makes bottles that grow into a tree, he told me I was being silly!

O’Right have thought of everything from the soy based ink, certified paper and the unique biodegradable bottle with embedded seeds. Which with the right conditions will decompose in a year and be replaced with a beautiful Acacia tree. Add to this that the shampoo itself is free from Parabens, colorants and other harmful chemicals and you must have a winning product?

oright dandelion sensitive shampoo

But at the end of the day the product has to work, so the boy has been testing out O’Right’s Dandelion Sensitive Shampoo. The first thing we liked was the shape of the bottle, the boy said “its like the bottles pirates have!” I think he means rum bottles, and he is right it is a tall elegant necked bottle. We both love the bamboo lid, this has a unique beauty of its own, and I know the boy wont let me throw it away, as it is very tactile. The shampoo itself has a lovely smell sort of herby, and green and to my surprise lathered up very well. I have found in the past that other synthetic free products don’t lather well and you end up using more to get the job done. But not with this O’Right Dandelion Shampoo, which lathered up easily and cleaned in one wash.

The boy has been using the O’Right Dandelion Sensitive shampoo for a week now, and we are both happy. The boy has lovely clean hair which looks nice, and he is happy as he is helping the environment, and doesn’t have to wash his hair twice.  While some of the other bottles in the range have the seeds, the Dandilion Shampoo dosent so we will have to wait to have a go at planting a bottle.

O’Right have a great range of green hair care products so why not visit their website, Facebook page or chat to them on twitter, to find out more about their green credentials.

As long as you put in efforts, you can turn ordinary into extraordinary. O’right firmly holds the belief that we must always treat the environment well. This is the core value of ‘It’s O’right. We believe that actions speak louder than words, and that immediate actions shout even louder. Because of this we have long rejected the use of raw materials that will cause environmental pollution and harmful effects to people’s health.


If you would like the chance to try O’Rights Dandelion Sensitive Shampoo for yourself, I have the three bottles to give away to one lucky winner worth over £50! For your chance simply enter with the gleam app below.


Disclaimer we were sent this product for review, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

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  1. We recycle, use low temp and water saving features on the washing machine and dishwasher and try and make do and mend where possible 🙂

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  4. I ask everyone if they need a wee when I go to the loo to save flushing.
    My hubby will get a bath with our son.
    We recycle all we can and even if our recycling bin gets full we will take stuff to the recycling bins at the dump 🙂 x

  5. our new washing machine washes on low heat.every light in our home is led or recycled bulbs and we only turn heating up when needed

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    Have a reusable shopping bag
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  23. Turning the lights and any other electricals off when not in use. I tend to turn things off at the wall as some devices ‘off’ is actually ‘standby’

  24. Everything we do is green from recycling to composting and saving energy. We try to set a good example for our children to follow!

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