Only 300 Days until Disney

Only 300 days until we land in Disney, Disneyland Florida for our long-awaited holiday and return to the Halloween merriment! You may have guessed that I am starting to get a little excited, otherwise my mind would be completely on Christmas. I am sure that at some point it will be reminded that the holiday is getting nearer, it might be the smell of gingerbread, or even a hidden mickey!

I think the boy and Dad M get fed up with me as I know exactly how many days to go, I think it slightly ironic that it is exactly 300 on Christmas day as I remember when I booked the holiday, 150 something days ago it seemed impossible that it would ever get here. The boy will have a nice surprise from a friend as we have the hidden mickey book as a Christmas gift ready to read every page before we go, or is that just me?

I can’t wait for the sunshine, or for the boy to join me on all the rides as he will be tall enough this visit, even for my favourite Yeti ride! I am looking forward to the resort, and I wonder what tropical island we will be staying on. I’m looking forward to the late nights, fireworks and breakfast of mickey waffles and strawberries.

The more I type this the more I am looking forward to, like family pictures, Ghirardelli Ice cream, the Lego Shop. Even places we have yet to visit like the Kennedy Space Center, which I know the boy will love. I cant wait to try out the new Magic Kingdom Quest, as we loved the Kim Possible one at Epcot. The boy of course will want to spend hours on Big Thunder mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

And now I just need to win the lottery so that we can go and visit the dolphins again, it was not a good day for the boy as he doesn’t do cold, unfortunately that particular day Florida decided it was doing cold!

So while we all tuck in to our turkey with all the trimmings, there will be a small bit of me looking forward to that flight in just 300 days time!


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  1. Good luck with the lottery. I’ll be joining you with squee moments, excitement and more when I work out how many days it is for me. I have the character dinner booking form pinned to my internet tabs so I know exactly when I can book for Cinderella’s castle and wont forget!

    1. Ohh you can book from 11 months so you should do it NOW!! you can get a mickey app on your phone that’s how I know how many days. I will of course be expecting a full resort update on your return!!

  2. No wonder you’re counting the day disneyland is amazing, I’d love to take my kids too. I hope the days pass quickly for you and you all have a fantastic time.
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  3. Very jealous of your future trip – we need the lottery win here too so we can go again 😉
    Wish we’d had a Hidden Mickey book, that sounds like a great idea

    1. Sunshine in the summer would be good, and yes a top up of vitamin D in the winter is helpful! As for the lottery no luck yet?

  4. We are going there this coming Christmas and New Year, trying to keep it a surprise until the last birthday in late Summer, 330 odd days to go and can’t wait 🙂

  5. I bet you’re bursting to tell your little boy!! I hope it’s a quick year for you, have a wonderful time x

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