Onesie trendy? or just wrong?

Ok so you might have guessed already that I am not a fan of the Onesie! I just don’t see the point? The thought of wearing what is in fact a giant adult sized baby grow is beyond me, but what shocks me more is the thought people wear them in public! I can see tucked up on a sofa, in a cold drafty house on a cold winters evening with your favourite film and possibly a bowl of pop corn. Surely with the cost of energy these days we should be insulating our house not ourselves? I understand being warm, and lounging but in years to come there will be far to many incriminating photos floating around!

From a selection of Onesies available from Next

So how about the kids? babies and toddlers a Onesie could be the solution to keeping everything warm, and lets face it a cute toddler in a little fluffy suit, what is there not to love? Just please don’t let them do ears, if you wanted to give birth to a panda then go to the zoo! You might be worth millions to medical science,  you have a baby and they are cute just as they are.

Available from Next this monkey suit doesn’t do it for me!!

The thought of my other half in a fury all in one, I can’t say fills me with excitement either, so in this house the verdict is summed up by the boy…

“I don’t understand why someone would want to wear a baby grow. Do they think it will make them grow? because it doesn’t work?”


Ok so if you are still undecided as to whether to purchase yourself or a family member this fashion fo-par! Then have a look at the boy modelling a Onesie which is good enough to win any Halloween competition!

Yes this really is a nylon yellow PomBear Onesie, Trendy or just wrong?





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  1. I think for children they are a bit of fun and keep them warm (my son had one that he used to love!) I would have one for wearing as PJ’s but when people go out in them that is just wrong! We see it a lot in Hull and it just looks ridiculous, whatever age!
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    1. Now I can see it as a teenage thing, but I don’t get the kids that go to roller disco on a Saturday in them! I bet in 20 years they wont be proud of the photos?

  2. I just think they look so silly. I was annoyed the other day because I went to buy some pyjamas from M&S and they only had onesies! Ok, so it was a small store, but not everyone likes them.

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