One, two, three ready to go

Ok, now I am very excited, we have been counting down the days and today we set off for our Disney holiday. It seems like ages ago that we won our award for Disney’s funniest family, and even longer since we danced in a paddling pool of jelly.

We have planned the rides, first will be the runaway train, then Pirates of the Caribbean, then I think my boys might make me ride the rockin rollercoaster! There will be plenty of badge swapping, and we have our spending pennies. Café Mickey meals and wild west show are booked, and even hopefully a sneaky little surprise for the boy!

So the plan is lots of fun puzzle books for the train trip, we have a learning French game from Orchard toys, we have books to read and whist to play. I have bought lots of snacks and bottles of water. We have passports including the boys new one, tickets and euros.

But most importantly we have one, two, three sets of Mickey Ears!

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  1. So exciting. Little fact for you to do with Eurodisney. Back when it was being built I worked for the company who supplied a lot of the emergency lighting for the ride areas. I remember the Space Mountain project, but can#t remember the other rides. It was one of my most exciting export projects in those days.

    1. How exciting to be able to say you were involved in Euro Disney! I know Daddy wasn’t too impressed with the ride, as its a bit of a nasty one and we didn’t warn him!! 😉

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