New Fruit Sours

New Fruit Sours are the latest addition to the Fruit Bowl Family of snacks, and very nice they are too! I have always liked sour sweets and the New Fruit Sours are just like sweets but better for you!

Our pack of Fruit Sours had made its way back to the Post Office, but that is what happens when your special postman goes on holiday! So on collection of our Fruit Sours parcel, the boy and I couldn’t resist trying them out in the car. When you first taste a Fruit Sour it tastes very tart, but after a few seconds this wears off and you get a real hit of fruit flavour. The pack of Fruit sours didn’t last long, and just to check we liked them another pack was consumed.

fruit bowl fruit sours

The boy says that he thinks they aren’t that sour. I think that after the first one the rest don’t have the same potency but the flavours are still there, Sea Shapes are still our favourite of the Fruit Bowl range, and I have to hide them or they disappear before they get to the lunch box. Each 20g pack contains about 12 fruit shaped drops with juices of apple, pear, cherry, orange and strawberry. They are suitable for vegetarians, and are gluten-free too. With no artificial colours or flavours they are an ideal pre fencing snack for the boy and guilt free treat for Mum!

fruit sours

Fruit Bowl Fruit Sours are available now from ASDA for £2.19 for 5 20g packs, for more details on which products are available at your supermarket visit the website. While you are there have a look at the Fruit Bowl advert, which the boy now sings each time he eats a pack of Fruit Bowl snacks, warning its catchy! or visit their Facebook page for more information on their fun new snacks.


Disclaimer we were sent this product fro review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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  1. I don’t really see how you can call these guilt free when half the 20g pack is made up of sugar? It might not be added sugar but still, these are as bad as sweets and the companies need to stop brainwashing us into thinking this sort of thing is ok for our kids as a ‘healthy snack’ there is nothing healthy about them. Sorry, I’m not having a go at you but I don’t like the way things like this are marketed as a ‘healthy’ alternative.

    1. I know this snack has a lot of sugar, and I see it as a treat. But I would much rather my son had a pack of these with natural sugars than a pack of sweets with refined sugars additives and worse than that sugar substitutes. Its all about a healthy balance, and that is why I see these as a guilt free alternative.

  2. I do like the sound of these and the good thing is I don’t think my two would like them so I’d have to eat them all myself 😀

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