National Love Your Pet Day

Did you know that today is National Love Your Pet Day? No, well today will be the perfect day if you havent already got a pet, to find out which pet would suit you and your family with Hello Pet the first pet matching service

Answer a few simple questions to find out whether you are a cat or a dog person, or whether you would be better suited to keeping fish! Ok I made the last bit up, but this is a fun way to find out which pet suits you best!

Thankfully I was matched with a cat! phew, I have never fancied all the early morning walks. My chosen short-haired cat sounds perfect for snuggling up with on a wet winters evening, in front of the fire. Unlike our two well-loved felines Magic & Mischief who prefer to be out chasing mice frogs and leaves. This app is a great place to start looking for your new friend, with so many animals abandoned each year why not start with something simple like the Hello Pet app before you commit yourself to something more costly. You can share your findings with friends on Twitter and Facebook, and see which pet they matched too!

We love our cats, and I wouldn’t part with them, they bring something extra to the family even if it is only the door opening and feeding service. But to see the boy chatting to them, caring for them I know that he has another living thing to look after. So with National Love Your Pet day in mind, why don’t you give your dog a scratch, and your cat an extra treat. I might just clean out my fish, just to let them know that we care.


Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration.

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    1. I still miss my moggy, and its sad when they go. Maybe when you get your new home you will think about getting a new pet? 🙂

    1. I do love our cats but they are a big commitment, and for a while it was nice not to have pets as we could go away more. I missed the company, so now we have two more, they certainly are characters!

  1. Lovely cats 🙂 We have 3 cats and the kids adore them, especially Miss C. She always goes in the cat cupboard to get their treats for them LOL
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    1. Its nice to be different, and I have friends with nice dogs, but my other half was bitten by one when he was younger. I think it has traumatized him!

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