Mothers Day crafts with Baker Ross

Mothers Day is only a few days away, and we have been making a few gifts for the Mum’s and Granny’s in the family. Baker Ross have some great new spring kits which are perfect to complete with all the things you need in each pack, they are perfect for the boy who has become a bit reluctant to complete craft projects. Having a kit with everything included means there is no delay in getting started.

mothers day crafts

We spent the weekend having fun with the Heart Fuze Bead kits which make the perfect Mothers Day gift. This is one craft that the boy is happy to sit and make his own unique patterns. Each of the kits comes with a sheet of suggested patterns and we enjoyed making these as well as our own. The boy was very pleased that he is old enough to have a go at fusing the beads with the hot iron He was very confident using it as he has been learning to iron his cub uniform.

mothers day

Baker Ross have a great selection of Mothers Day craft kits, and we were sent some which we have been sharing with the boys cub pack, as they are completing their artist Badges. Our Cub leader always buys Baker Ross kits for the kids to do, and they love having something to take home and show the parents. Because you can buy Baker Ross craft kits in larger quantities at a saving these are perfect for after school groups like cubs.

mothers day Baker ross

Have a look at the Baker Ross website for a great selection of crafts, for all ages. With Easter coming up there will be plenty of time to get crafty with some lovely gifts for all the family to make and enjoy. For me Easter is not the same without the little fluffy pipe cleaner chickens!

Disclaimer, we were sent a selection of projects to review, the words remain ours and have not been altered.

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  1. my son loves painting mostly but i quite like when he gets homework from school to make something last homework was a robot

  2. looks fun! my kids like play doh and making cards and pictures. They love painting too and my daughter likes making jewellery!

  3. We have just started making our own candles it is good fun and actually quite therapeutic
    We also make homemade birthday and christmas cards using recycled cards

  4. My son isn’t massively into crafty things which I love to do! He likes painting…sometimes! Lol! X

  5. I love doing all sorts of crafts, my son isn’t too bothered unfortunately. He would rather colour in his hands, arms and face like he did on Sunday :/

  6. I love sitting down with the children with a huge blanket on the floor and doing all sorts of craft things, we make flowers, masks, paint pictures, make puppet shows, it great…I get to be a kid again.x

  7. Weve always been a card making family – its quite a cheap craft to do with children and useful as the cards can be sent to family. I love these beads looks so much fun

  8. My daughter likes making things with Play Doh and painting. I’d love to try the heat fusion beads with her (though I’d have to do the ironing for her).

  9. This is looks like a lovely way to spend mothers day and/ or gift. I bet the children were very pleased! 🙂 xx

  10. Love this <3 Hama beads are a huge hit in our house, the kids never seem to get bored of them, they recently made name tags with them for their lunch boxes 🙂

  11. My children had these although they were called Hamma Beads! Thy loved them, where as the hubby and I got sick of treading on them when they fell on the floor 🙂

  12. I have a massive 3 drawer full of craft. Girls love to make fairys from toilet rolls or pipe cleaner people. It’s endless. Keeps them busy and there mind active.

  13. We do like making picture collages from pictures in magazines etc. 🙂 Also just started making cards (for Easter).

  14. i like to make little trinket boxes with all children in my family anf cant wait to do it with my 3 week old daughter wen shes older

  15. my two sons love to craft they like cutting out shapes with specially designed scissors that leave a patern to the pictures and then making collages

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