#MorningWin Challenge

I have already confessed that “I don’t do Mornings” I really don’t, and my family know that. But the one thing that makes my mornings just that little bit more bearable is getting ready the night before.

I hate the whole shouting at the boy to hurry up, so planning what is needed the night before, is the only way we get out of the door even remotely on time. First I check the homework, and the school bag, to make sure no letters have appeared that need action. Next is there any extra kit, is it swimming? Yes I have had to run home before now for the trunks and towel. Is it PE, yes another bag. Has the boy got his reading book, and diary? Have I remembered to fill it in? I wont have time for scribbles in the morning.

Next the uniform, Has he got clean trousers? Shirt, jumper, did he remember to even bring the jumper home? There are so many things to remember I would have no chance in the morning of getting them all sorted in time. So with the clock clucking 8am (yes our clock clucks) its time to grab my clothes, sort out my life and collect the boy ready for the off.

Most mornings he is busy telling me all about the latest app, school club or what his friends are doing that day, which is great! But there is hair to comb, socks which seem to go missing, and shoes. Even the coat is an effort. Someday I have to repeat to myself, stay calm… Once out of the house, the battle is over we are on our way. No turning back, well unless we have missing trunks.

Before the boy arrived life was easier, quieter and somehow less colourful. As much as I HATE mornings, I wouldn’t change them for the world and especially the ten minute walk to school before I hand the boy over for the day. Those ten minutes are ours, and our time to be friends #MorningWin.

#winmorning with belvita

Belvita biscuits are a quick and easy start to the day, especially if you are having something on the run to school. The boy loves the new belvita Crunchy biscuits and chooses them as an after school snack. Even Dad has discovered the new Crunchy Hazelnut biscuits and says they are pretty good at filling him up till tea time!

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