Moonpig British Flowers – Review

Moonpig British Flowers are a range of Summer inspired bouquets which can be delivered direct to you or your loved ones door. I will confess to loving flowers in my garden, and not so much in a vase. I think this is in part to having a very unromantic husband, and a lack of flower arranging abilities. It’s therefore all the more special to receive flowers and when Moonpig sent me their new British Happy Days bouquet I was very thrilled with the flowery treat. I was interested to see from a receivers point of view from ordering how quickly and efficiently the flowers arrived. The box arrived next day, and was in perfect condition. The flowers were very cleverly packed and not a single broken flower head.

moonpig flowers

I was amazed for the price of £25 what good value the British Happy Days bouquet was. The flowers were all in bud so took a couple of days to start looking their best, but with so many of my favourite flowers I was very impressed. The bouquet includes, sunflowers, asters, stocks and my favourite snapdragons!

I have to say that I had never thought of the airmiles incurred by flowers, and as all the Moonpig British bouquets are home-grown it can only be a good thing to support our farmers, and cut down on the environmental impact. Moonpig have a great assortment of all British grown flowers in their range, suiting budgets from £25 to £40.Moonpig also include a free card with each order, not only represent good value, but that nice personal touch wich I am always looking for in a gift.

Happy Days Bouquet from Moonpig

I will of course be dropping a few hints to Dad Dragon in the hope that I receive a few more flowery surprises in the future, and thanks to Moonpig for my lovely flowers, which are still brightening my dining room table.

Disclaimer, I was sent a bouquet of flowers in return for an honest review, the opinions are mine and have not been altered.

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