Magic Moment 09/06/2014

Magic Moment

Here is my Magic moment story for this week, It may not look like much to many of you but for me and our household it is a big achievement.

washingYes this little row of the boys pants, in with my general washing means that we are taking the first steps on a long road to get over the severe constipation which has been  with the boy from an early age. The boy had a Disimpaction at Easter, this was just the first step of what is going to be a long road to what most parents call normal. This is also a subject that no-one likes to talk about, but poo has become a topic of conversation in our house and one that sometimes has taken over family life.

The boy has been very good with all the medicine, and it is still taking a while to find the right combination of different medicines and times of the day to make sure that he goes to the toilet at least once a day. But it finally feels like I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Like most boys he still forgets to go to the toilet, and with the mixture of softeners and laxatives this is not something he can ignore for long. We know it will take at least 6 months to a year for him to regain complete bowel control, and we take each day as it comes.

The results though have been far-reaching, and not something you talk to the parents at the school gate about. Simple things like a sleepover, cub camp and even holidays have become less complicated. No more nasty washing bags, where I either throw the pants away, or have to wash while away. No more washing up to 5 pairs of trousers a day, yes the smell was that bad sometimes that he would have to change often.

Less stress on me, not having to constantly nag and remind him to change or go to the toilet means we are friends again. Bonus less washing, which every Mum would be happy about. The boy is super happy because for the first time in 2 years he can have fencing trousers, I had resisted these as they are bulky to wash and having to try and get them washed and dry twice a week was not appealing.

All in all this one picture, makes me smile more than lots of other pictures I have taken this Spring, and hopefully the boy will continue to improve, if we can reach another magic moment our holiday in 134 days time and with clean pants, will mean we can all have a great holiday.

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    1. It has, and its not been easy. Not quite able to relax yet as still messing with doses of medicine, but I can see light. And less washing! Yah!

  1. Congrats with this! Poo was something that I want to see my son do everyday too. My son was diagnosed with hirschsprung disease. So he wont poo for so long when he is a baby. He can go w/o it for days & days and we need suppositories. Then I would write it down the dates he would poo and color and how much. This has been what my mother life is all about then. Glad that he is better now too. But it is still something that I am thankful for. #magicmoments
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