Magic & Mischief receive a parcel

Magic and Mischief also enjoy receiving parcels from time to time, and the one they got last week from Pet Shop has to be theirs and the boys favourite to date!

PetShop is a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. We are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of our staff are pet owners so we understand the needs of other pet parents.

Stocking over 10,000 products from all the major brands and designed to deliver your pet food direct to your door, I can see Pet Shop going from strength to strength. Ok so the idea behind Pet Shop is to make the supply of pet food easy, and with two cats I know we get through our fair share of food. But with some people unable to carry heavy bags home from shops, running out could be a big problem. I know in the past we have had to do a local corner shop dash for biscuits!

Pet Shop offer you the Bottomless Bowl option, where you can order your pet supplies delivered free over £19.99 to your door. Simply then select the frequency you would like your following delivery’s and everything is done. As far as I am aware this is an option I haven’t seen on other sites, and a great idea for a busy families like us.

petshopbowl goodies

Magic and Mischief were delighted with the samples from Pet Shop which included Dreamies which are Magic’s favourite. She behaves like the cat from the advert when she hears the packet come out from the cupboard. We tried the lazer cat toy, which the boy enjoyed, but Magic was more than a little confused by this, and is not a light chaser!


Mischief enjoyed the James Wellbelloved wet food pouches, and even growled over them. She will be disappointed when they run out as we usually feed both our cats dried food. This has made a nice treat for them and they will both miss it when it is all gone. The Canagan dry food went down well too, and again they both enjoyed this as a change to their normal biscuits.

I have checked out the Pet Shop website and am pleased with the competitive pricing for Iams which is one of Magic and Mischiefs regular dried foods. I am always surprised however that only the supermarkets seem to stock Purina One, which is my other choice of food.  I also noticed that Pet Shop have larger sized packs of Iams which certainly would work out cheaper in the long run.


I am very impressed with the service Pet Shop have to offer as a supplier of not just food, but also toys and medications, infact anything you might need for your cat, dog, or even fish! So have a look on Facebook and Twitter, or pop over to their website and compare your prices against the supermarkets.

Disclaimer, our cats were sent a sample from the Pet Shop range of poducts, the opinions remain our own and have not been changed.

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    1. Yes not that Magic deserves any treats this week after she emptied the local Blackbird nest residents onto my lawn. Luckily we rescued one which was still alive and took it to the local bird centre. Hopefully it will be ok and back in the wild soon.

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