Lighting your home this winter

Lighting your home in the winter can be tricky. With such a huge choice of table, floor and pendant lights in so many different colours shapes and sizes sometimes I feel bewildered by the choice. I certainly found the lack of light noticeable this year on our return from Florida. The light levels are defiantly lower during the day, and my whole house seemed grey and in need of cheering up! Changing the way you light your home can make such a difference. Not only can it make your home feel warm and inviting, but it can banish the winter blues.

In preparation for putting up the Christmas tree in a couple of weeks time I thought I would have a think about how I light the lounge. I have a couple of table lights which give a soft warm glow and are nice to watch TV by, but have come from our old house and don’t really go with anything. Sometimes we need more focused light as the boy likes to build his Lego models, and needs good lighting to see the instructions clearly, and the only bright light I have comes from the ceiling lights.

lighting your home this winter

I have energy-saving bulbs in my ceiling lights, which I know save me money but I do find can be a little yellow in colour. This isn’t helped by my brown lampshades so maybe its time for a change. I was looking for something not to modern that would still be bright enough to read by, but without being too bright. This Rihanna Flush Ceiling Fitting – Chocolate and Brushed Gold from Homebase, would be perfect and fit well with my colour scheme.


This Living Skittle Rattan Floor Lamp, would compliment my scheme and look perfect in the days after Christmas when you take the tree down and the house feels dusty and a bit duller!


Finally I think a new floor standing reading lamp would be just the thing for the boy, he can sit at the dining table and spread his Lego projects out and construct to his heart’s content!


Homebase have a handy buying guide to lights, explain how to create different effects and moods for your room.


Disclaimer, in collaboration with Homebase. Lighting photos courtesy of the Homebase website.


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