A Light from Bethlehem

A light from Bethlehem will be arriving tonight to our local Church.

When I first read that in the note brought home from Cubs, I thought there must be some mistake, they wouldn’t possibly be bringing a light all that way. So I asked the pack leader, and sure enough the light has really come that far. They collected the lantern with the light from Dover last weekend and have kept it alight all week ready for the whole pack of cubs, scouts and explorers to hike back to the church this afternoon.

The pack will bring the light back from the neighbouring pack, where some of them camped overnight, back to their own hut, where there will be hot chocolate and mince pies. I couldn’t think of anything more magical to take part in this close to Christmas so was very proud that the boy wanted to join in. I have dropped him off for the 3 mile walk across fields, and will collect him in time for a nice warm bath.

I don’t have pictures to add to this post, there will no doubt be muddy wellies, and tales of talking to his friends, and next year I think I might offer to join them, as this is surely the true spirit of Christmas keeping a flame alight.

This is my post for this weeks country kids.

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