My life in LEGO

LEGO has been around since my childhood and I can remember the very first time I stood on a brick it hurt!! My most recent encounter with the pointy end of a star wars x-wing model and I certainly came off the worse

LEGO has been part of family life for so long, I can’t remember a time without it. I remember as a child making houses, lots of them and in the absence of any people, yes I am older than minifigs! I used to house ladybirds. I’m not too sure they liked my luxury airless accommodation as I always seemed to be in need of new tenants.
I remember wheels when you had to fix them into a block, I remember windows with shutters, and strange round people with long octopus like arms. I will confess as an adult I missed my building fix and did have to purchase a couple of dragons.

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Then the boy arrived. We had Duplo of course from before he could walk with towers as tall as a room, and fun knocking them back to the floor. Hours of giggles as the boy thought he was getting the better of his tower building Mum.

Soon the grown up LEGO, howย it has changed, now full of fun working pieces, minifigs, windows and doors that open. Christmas has brought with it a new project starting with a fire station, we loved the coffee machine. Police station, airport (My favourite) campervans, cars and now Star Wars, ships, fighters, and bases. This years surprise is the Millennium Falcon I can’t wait!
My boy is fascinated, from the building, reading the instructions, and then setting up scenes, battles of his own and the only down side is I am not needed anymore. That is unless I am sent in to find that elusive piece. You know the grey four one with the thingy on the end?

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So will we be at the front of the queue for the New LEGO Movie? I think that is a silly question. LEGO is as much part of our family as oxygen, and we all know how much we need that?

Please note all items of LEGO pictured are original and belong to me and my family. For any ladybirds hurt or fatal wounded in my childhood I am eternally sorry.

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  1. He he! How funny! I can totally relate to this, even without children of my own, I have God children!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I need more lego, I keep finding myself looking through the Christmas catalogue, and now I know what to get you!!

  2. I’m so guilty to being a grown up lego lover ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m looking forward to seeing the movie with the whole family!

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