Kid’s Capture the Colour Challenge

Over the summer Travel Supermarket challenged children to capture the colour and enter their fun competition. The boy who is now 8 has loved taking pictures for a while and has had his own camera since our last holiday to Florida. I am always surprised at some of the lovely photos he takes so was pleased when he said he wanted to take up the colour challenge.

Over the summer holidays we have been on some fun day trips the first was Madame Tussaud’s, and the boy went a little snap crazy here with over 300 pictures! It was very busy and we had to wait around a lot, add to this the strange lighting and quite a lot of the pictures were blurry. There were some great ones, even though the boy had no idea who some of the people were. When we went through the photos we realised that we didn’t have anything blue so this entry comes from the London Aquarium which we visited at the weekend. It’s a real shame the boy wasn’t in the mood to take any photos in Disney, but sometimes he just is too busy. So here are our entries, it was difficult to choose our favourites so I have popped a gallery of some of the others at the bottom.

Red Henry viii ring

White The entrance to Alfred Hitchcock

Green The green man himself, The Incredible Hulk!

Yellow Celebrating in Usain Bolt style

Blue Little puzzled fish?

Thanks to Travel Supermarket for this fun competition, and I hope the boy continues with his love of taking snaps as they are such a great way of keeping memories fresh!

Disclaimer these photos have all been taken by the boy aged 7 at the time! and remain his property.

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    1. Thanks, sometimes he gets it right! but the rest of the time he doesn’t have the patience to stand still long enough!!

    1. I love the idea just don’t seem to get the time to make a scrapbook. I did one last year for the Olympics and our summer holidays. Maybe I should think about making another 🙂

    1. That’s my favourite too, The shadow one on the floor was from there to, but the boy had no clue who he was!!

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