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Kids can do it at B&Q are fun workshops designed to give kids a hands on experience of building things for themselves. From bird boxes and mug holders or in our case a spooky Halloween bat sign for the door. Kids have to be aged 7-11 to enjoy the classes run by B&Q, which are free to DIY club members of £5 to non members.

I booked the boy on 3 courses over the next 3 months and this was going to be our first. We have to drive half an hour to our larger B&Q store, and the morning didn’t get off to a very good start as when we arrived the staff member knew nothing about it! It turned out the person running the workshop was off sick and they hadn’t had a chance to handover any information!

This is where I have to comment B&Q Havant on their excellent customer service. The person we had asked found a senior member of staff who sat us in the café with a free cuppa coffee, while he went off to see what he could do! Within 10 minutes, he had found a colleague willing to run the workshop, cleared the shop floor set up tables and we were go! He apologised for the delay and left us to make our creepy spider.

OK at very short notice it was a little disorganised, but great that it was recognised that the disappointment of a small boy keen to make and drill was more important. We were given a huge wooden spider that we had to drill a hole in and then paint. The boy chose black (favourite colour) and was happy working away to complete the spider. Dad and I took it in turns to have a wonder and a good look round what is an impressive store, and picked up a new toilet seat in the process! The boy was given some string for his creation and paper to wrap it for its trip home in in the car.

The boy was very impressed with his creation, and with a little help from a packet of spiders web and a few plastic spiders now has a Halloween spooky bedroom! We of course had to have tickets and a tour of the room in a very dungeon style way! Well done B&Q for what was a great educational and free morning!

Next month we are booked in to make an energy saving coaster set!

Have a look at the B&Q website and see if you have a local store doing the Kids can do it classes, as they are well worth a go for all mini DIY enthusiasts, they also do adult classes which could come in useful.

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    1. It was very good, but if they publicised it there would be no places left!! (or they might have to make some more!)

    1. There was a younger girl there, and I think it depends on the store, but I think a 6/7 year old would cop well. looking forward to our next one now…

  1. This sounds great. I will certainly be looking into this for my friends older children (my son is a bit young right now). I always loved helping my dad with DIY when I was little & hopefully my boy will be the same. Glad it wasn’t a waste of your day. Your son seems very happy with his spider 🙂 x

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