Jobs I would rather be doing…

Today there are jobs I should be doing, but instead I am looking through two years of receipts. It’s a job I hadn’t planned on doing this morning as I had all these good plans to get started on the BIG reclaim my bedroom. But faced with the choice of getting dusty sanding for three or four hours or looking for my coat receipt…the receipt is winning.

Its annoying that I am even looking for my coat receipt but I am faced with a dilemma. I paid what I consider a lot of money for the coat back in Jan this year. But after only a few months use I have put it back on this week to find the zip is broken. Having paid out £70 I don’t think this should happen, I don’t even live near the shop I bought it from so there will be a long drive back to get it replaced. I would send it off, but as its my only winter coat chances would be that it would get very cold or wet on the school run.

So here is my huge pile of paper, wish me luck as I hope the receipt is in this pile if not I have three more draws of paper to file through!

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    1. Well not exactly! I have a draw and the plan is to throw them in their and go through them every month and get rid of the non important ones! But on closer inspection it appears I hadn’t don’t it for nearly 2 years! I did find the one I needed so now a trip to Southampton is on the cards…

    1. Found it, but as I suspected that was the easy bit! seems they want to send my coat away for a 6 week holiday! I could turn to ice in that amount of time in the playground. 🙂

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