How to make a small room look bigger

How to make a small room look bigger, this is a question I often ask myself. I am lucky to have some good sized rooms in our home, but we also have some awkward small spaces too.

The boys room has a good floor size but as we are in a cottage has low ceilings. This was my most recent decorating challenge as he had grown out of his lime green and multi coloured feature wall. He wanted something to more fit his teenage status. I have always let him choose his bedroom colours as this is a space he spends lots of his time in. This time he chose a dark shade of grey. He had decided he wanted a low bed, and the easiest solution for this much to his amusement was to cut the legs of the mid sleeper.

He decided on some black furniture and a new desk which was going to be essential for all the high school homework. We set about changing the room and despite the dark shade chosen, I don’t think this made the room look any smaller. It gives the illusion of space as we have kept the ceiling traditional and white. We thought about adding a wall mural, like the ones from WallSauce. The giant maps and trendy murals would help to increase the space and certainly personalise it. I particularly like the Colin Thompson Image as I love his puzzles. You can even use your own pictures to create a personalised mural. Using patterns can make a small space look bigger by blurring the lines between walls.

The final part of our small room transformation was to add accessories. The boy loves pictures and posters almost as much as me. We used a poster from Harry Potter world, and some of the fencing pictures to add to the trophy wall. While trying to keep clutter to the new cupboards and only keeping special trinkets on display. Keeping surfaces clear adds to the feeling of more space. Keeping the dusting to a minimum in a boys bedroom is a challenge for another post!


Disclosure: This is a featured post. Images used with permission of WallSauce

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