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British Gas are asking Bloggers to get all Nostalgic, thinking about the history of our homes, and our treasured or retro possessions. Just like the way we heat our homes has changed over the years, the things around us go through fashions and fazes. With so many knick-knacks finding their way to the bin, only to become fashionable years later.

Here is where I confess to being a hoarder! I have hundreds of little Wade ornaments collected through childhood, I think 400 last count. A spell of mug collecting through the 80’s. Milk bottles, yes the painted ones from the milkman, yes we really had a man that brought milk to your door! Then there were the dragons, more costly, impressive and less of them. There has always been a fascination with glass, this stems from one single ornament which lived on my Nans windowsill. Known by the family as the mouse in the glass, this ornament was owned by many a 50’s household, my Nan’s was no exception.

the mouse in the glass

This blue (cheep and I am sure mass produced) brandy glass with its worried mouse, and slightly wonky Siamese cat peering at him, brings back so many childhood memories. My Nan was a story teller, and a great one! Stories of how the mouse got trapped in the glass, how the cat was actually his friend trying to help him out, (not trying to eat him!) My Nan would adjust the mouse, talking to him and telling him off, for being naughty. The mouse had to be looking the cat square in the eyes!. As kids we feared touching it, till the cat movement became a game. When Nan wasn’t looking it was fun to just move him by a breath, just to see if she would notice? Of course she did, and would scold him accordingly, while we giggled from behind the sofa. My Nan may be long gone, but the smile that this retro mantle piece ornament brings to me, I can now share with my son. Telling him tales of what the little mouse has been up to while he’s been at school…

This is my entry into the British Gas Blogger History of your Home competition which you can find out about here. Step back in time with British Gas and their new infographic about the history of your home.





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    1. Its one of a few things I have to remind me of my Nan, the other is a special bear that belonged to her. Its nice to have things with good memories.

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