Halloween 2014

It’s almost time to hang up your Halloween decorations and get dressed up as your favourite ghosts, witches and ghouls. But it’s not all that long ago that Guy Fawkes night was more popular in Britain and not the American style holiday that we now know as Halloween.

I remember penny for the guy contests, where the ultimate prize was to have your guy burnt at the top of the bonfire. I think I might have even made a bit of pocket-money from setting mine out on the street. Robbing my dads wardrobe which was not a good idea, and stuffing the shirts with scrunched up newspaper. The resulting print was everywhere! Bobbing for apples was a favourite, or perhaps a sticky bun hung from a string in the doorway. With hands tied behind your back of course. I remember parties where flower cakes had coins hidden in them, we all dressed up and ate toffee apples, hot chocolate and lots of cake. All this was done in the safety of our own homes, no roaming the street. No scaring old people with our ghoulish masks, or turning up on doorsteps asking for treats!


So fast forward 30 years (and a bit) and what to do with the boy? He wants to be like his friends, going from door to door and threatening the neighbours. How do we get around the problem? Well for the first 3 years he was too small to notice this celebration. Certainly that cake would keep him quiet, content in his world of trains and bricks. Year 4 and we agreed to carve a pineapple. Yes you read right a pineapple! Why carve a vegetable you have no intention of eating, that’s what I say. Setting the pineapple out for all to see!


Year 5 and it’s getting tricky to avoid the dressing up, but fate threw us a lifeline. The boy was ill and spent the night asleep in his bed. Year 6 and he knows all about the chocolate that can be collected from scaring people, and the only thing left to do was leave the country! Year 7 was too foggy to go out, and year 8 well that was something else (read about our trip here).


Now its year 9, with his ever so frightening costume at the ready we head off again. Yes to the land where the tradition of trekking the streets for candy came from, the USA. Yes this Halloween we will be scaring the inhabitants of Walt Disney World Florida dressed as a Ghost buster, perfect for catching your ghoulish parents!

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