Setting off for Disneyland Paris

In march we won a fantastic holiday to Disneyland Paris, as Disney’s UK funniest family and the time had come to set off. We had chosen to go via the Eurostar service from London’s St Pancras. I have never been to this very impressive station which I think is worth a visit just to see the station and the amazing expanses of glass in the roof!

We had stayed in London for the night so only had to cross the road in the morning to start our trip. There are plenty of places to buy a spot of lunch and we chose to buy some snacks for the journey. This was in addition to all the food I had packed (more about that later)

The check-in in process is very speedy with just baggage and passport control, the lounge area was comfy and we spend a short while waiting for our platform to be announced, just like you would while waiting for a plane. Fairly soon it was time to board, and the train was impressive and very long, we had been booked into carriageĀ one so it wasnt long before we found our seats and our table.

I would recommend booking a table if you are traveling as a family as this made the journey much easier. We had plenty of space to play cards, and also play Orchard Toys Cherchons le mot, which seemed appropriate. The train was very prompt in leaving and before we knew it we were out of London and into the Kent countryside.

There were a few long tunnels and I did suffer a bit with my ears popping but nowhere near as much as on an aeroplane. I noticed one of the small babies in the carriage was crying as well so this may have been why. Daddy M told us that the train travels at 200 mph and it was certainly fast but not in an uncomfortable way. Before we had noticed we were in the tunnel and after 15 minutes out the other side and in France well on our way to Disney.

So in just 2 1/2 hours we were in Disneyland (plus 1 hour time difference), and yes it pulls up in the park you even comes past Space mountain before you get into the station. If you have used the express service then your bags are sent on to the hotel (don’t panic if you haven’t, another tip shortly) The hotels are only a quick 5 or 10 minute bus ride away. We were quite pleased not to go straight in the park, as we were able to drop off our bags off freshen up and still get into the park for 2pm, plenty of time to have fun as the park was open till 11pm.

I can’t believe how and easy the train was and would certainly consider it again, although I think I would go from Ashford as this is closer to home, and would be easier coming back


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