Giving a thoughtful Christmas Gift

This time of year it can be so hard to find a thoughtful Christmas gift. I like to start my Christmas shopping early and have been known to shop for stocking fillers in the winter sales. However some gifts take a little more thought. I find the hardest people to buy for are the men folk. This year we will be spending the big day with my brother and his partner so I wanted to find something a bit special to say thank you.

Subscription services like the Summerton Club are a great way to show family you are thinking for them, and not just at Christmas.  The Summerton Club will be great for him as he likes a drink at the end of a long day.

The perfect way to fill up your drinks cabinet with treasure and be the envy of your friends! Discover a world of fantastic drinks without leaving your home and be introduced to amazing bottles that you would not normally find yourself.

The Summerton club is a special gift, and with your gift arriving to your recipients door you don’t even have to worry about the wrapping. I particularly like a subscription gift as it brings a smile for a few months after Christmas. There are so many different types to choose from too. I have spotted everything from beauty treats to slime!

How about creating a Christmas eve box for family and friends. I have enjoyed making a box up for the boy each year. It can help keep him amused while we rush around with the last minute jobs. So this year I plan to make my brother a box so he can start a new family tradition. There are some great boxes available like this one from Forever Bespoke. You can buy a box or simply craft your own. I like to fill mine with chocolate treats a film or book, a new pair of pj’s. A thoughtful Christmas gift like this is easy to do and will leave a lasting memory.

Some of my most treasured gifts are the ones I have had made from our own photos. I like to make a calendar each year for the grandparents. A great way to share some of the years family fun. I have in the past also made cushions and mugs. These can be easily made on most of the photographic sites and I particularly like Snapfish. This year I have a fun gift for the boy. A lunch box with one of his favourite images on it. This picture makes him smile, and as he is not a fan of the commercial lunch boxes I think he will like this one from Bags of Love.

Finally I like to have a few small Christmas gifts to pass onto friends at the boys clubs, music and school friends. I usually make up a small goodie bag with chocolates that I buy when they are on offer. Adding a handmade tag or ornament these are a great way to show you are thinking of them, without breaking the bank. This year I am making some goodie bags for the fencers who are going to our little end of year fencing party. I have made each a small fencing decoration from Fimo. Then filled each bag with a few chocolate coins. The addition of a little snowball fun from ZimpliKids SnoBall battlepack means they should all leave the party with a smile. You cant beat a little bit of snow and this SnowBall battle pack is easy to make up for some snowy fun Better still it is easy to clean up after.

It may take a little bit of thought but I believe that it is good to share a special thoughtful gift this Christmas. It is not about how much you spend and more about the thought behind the gift.


Disclaimer I was sent some products to feature in this post, the words remain my own and I have not been paid for this post #review #notpaid

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