Getting ready for the weekend

Getting ready for the weekend is not something that I have had to think about for some time. This weekend however is my blogger Mums Night In, sort of Christmas party for people who I only know online. This is not something I would have even considered doing a year ago, happy in my 9-5 office based job with a local charity. But these people have been a bit of inspiration, and something I think I needed. Without all their help, support and the odd ear bending session I would not be where I am now.

Where is that…

Considering how long it will take me to drive to Southampton to collect two strangers (and lots of wine and chocolate) then drive north to Oxford for the baton handover and final leg to Birmingham. The mixture of apprehension and excitement of meeting most of these people for the first time, even though they feel like old friends. Finally hoping I don’t disgrace myself, as I have been threatened with sleeping in the bath.

I know my blog has been very quiet this week, but with the hospital appointments, decorating, Christmas shopping, school productions, after school fencing, steel band rehearsals for our Caribbean concert which is tonight! I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day. But watch out next week, as I have some great giveaways, more games, fun craft ideas, decorating tips and plenty of food reviews.

Now I just need to find some more hours in the day…

Here are a great bunch of Mums, who have all helped me in one way or another. (In no particular order!)

Mary, Zoe, Fiona, Angela, Anthea, Pippa, Jenny, Eileen, Tami, Laura, Kelly, Anna

yes that it’s the lucky 13!

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