Fun Back-to-School Party Ideas for Kids

At the end of the school year, there’s lots of fun for kids to look forward to. They can focus on spending time with their friends and loved ones rather than worrying about class and homework. Tests and studying are a thing of the past – at least for a few weeks, and the stress of school life is gone. Unfortunately, things aren’t so great when it comes to taking your children back to school.

Returning to the classroom after multiple weeks away from their routine can make your children incredibly nervous. One of the best ways to get rid of this panicky feeling is to replace it with something great. A back-to-school party could mean that your kids start to associate the return to school with fun, rather than fear.

So how do you get started?

1.    Make Presents Meaningful

One of the biggest stressors for parents when children are returning to school is the fact that they need to get all of the equipment their kids needed sorted out almost at last-minute. This can mean paying for everything from uniforms, to new backpacks and extra accessories. One great way to make the most of your back-to-school party is to let friends and family help out with little things.

If your kid wants something big for the return to school, like a new pair of shoes or a backpack, that can be their main gift for the party. Friends can contribute with smaller items, like glue sticks, pens, erasers, and other essentials. If you’d rather give your child a present that gives them something to focus on besides school, consider an experience gift, like a trip planned for the middle of the year. This ensures your youngster has something to look forward to. UKGifts has some fantastic ideas if you’re struggling to come up with something.

2.    Invite The Right People

Want to make sure that your child is excited about going back to school, rather than dreading the beginning of term? Invite all of their friends for a last fun blowout before the return to classes. This is a great opportunity to help your kids feel like they’re really getting the most of their time away from learning. At the same time, inviting your kid’s best friends over is a chance for all of them to remember the good parts about returning to school.

Ask your kids for a list of people that they want to be involved in the party if you’re having a hard time remembering all their friends. Remember, you’ll need to think about all the extra considerations that you need to have in place to protect these kids. That includes checking on things like dietary restrictions and allergies. No-one wants a last-minute trip to the emergency room before school starts.

3.    Make Everything School-Themed

Finally, remember to make sure that your kids know this celebration is all about the return to school. This is an excellent opportunity to let your creativity show with some school-themed solutions. For instance, you can serve food in brown paper bags if that’s what your kids usually take to school. Include items that would be common for a school meal, but with a fun twist. For instance, you might have sandwiches cut into fun shapes, and caramel apples instead of apples.

When you’re planning on activities for the event, think of games that are usually associated with school, like hopscotch or dodgeball. Just make sure that everyone knows the rules before the games begin, so you can ensure that everyone is safe. You could even invite friends to stay the night for a full day of celebrations if you time the party just right.

Make the Most of Going Back to School

Going back to school can be a nerve-wracking experience for kids and for parents. However, a party is a good way to change those emotions around and replace the fear with anticipation. You can experiment with your celebration in dozens of different ways. For girls, a back-to-school fashion show that lets them show off their latest outfits could be a great idea.

For boys, some fun last-minute events that allow them to get messy before they’re back in their uniform could be a fantastic treat. Talk to your kids about how they would like to spend their last weekend before they return to classes if you want some ideas on how to start the new school year right. Going back to school doesn’t have to be all about rushing around looking for supplies last minute!

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