Fencing Sunday

Today is the big day for the boy, and as you are reading this he could be fencing in his first fight at the British Youth Championships in the Under 10’s. We are prepared as we can be, with all his weapons serviced, new clothing bought, which certainly makes him look the part. Picnic at the ready, and the B&B is booked ready for a good nights sleep.

I have my fingers crossed, and it is nice that we are not going to be alone. Although the boy hasn’t made any particular friends at the club, it is interesting that since the boy decided to go two other boys have decided to join in. It is an open competition which means you don’t have to qualify to attend. We are still talking about some of the best young fencers in the country competing and have no idea what will happen. Not least because he could come up against children 3 years older than the boy.


This is my way of wishing the boy Good Luck, I hope it is a good learning environment for him and that he goes on enjoying a sport that he found just 2 years ago, and is showing signs of promise in. We love and admire you young man and hope you do well.



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    1. He was good, and had to overcome some personal hurdles which he coped with well. We think he is a star, and looking forward to another competition in 2 weeks time!

    1. He loved it so much, and it was fantastic to watch. He wants to do two more now! One is down the road in Portsmouth the other is north London!

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