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We have had our share of Magic Moments at fencing recently with the announcement from the boy that his life goal is to win an Olympic Medal for Great Britain at Fencing in 2024. It is lovely that everyone in his club share his enthusiasm for the sport and have been great in supporting the boy with words of encouragement.

This weeks magic moment consisted of two events the first was on Wednesday at his normal lesson where there are a mixture of different children, who take part at the local sports hall. The boy is one of the smallest in his Fencing Club, so to see him fencing children smaller than him is rare. However this time there was a boy who was about 5 years old, who picked my boy as his opponent. He was a clear 2 foot shorter, and very sweet, very enthusiastic and I wasn’t sure how the boy would be against someone so much younger and less experienced than him.

The fight proved to bring a tear not just to my eyes, but also to the other parents watching (including the boys dad). The boy proceeded to help teach the little boy, where he needed to hit, and score a point and to let him win. When they had finished you could see his opponent skipping up and down that he had beaten an older boy, and I quietly said well don’t to mine, and thank you for being gentle with him” to which I was told, “well he is smaller than me!” The Dad looked at me and said, “Thank you” the boy replied “I didn’t do anything?” sometimes you can’t win can you?


Our second Fencing moment was Friday at the boys Club practice, this is a much more serious affair. With a full 20 minute warm up, teaching and practice the boy is always sweaty after 1 1/2 hours training. He has been telling everyone about his life goals, and today he came a little closer. The look on his face when he was told not only had the armourer made him 2 new weapon’s, but that they would be on loan so we don’t have to buy them. He is now very excited to get practicing with his new electric foils so that he can attend the British Youth under 10’s competition later in May, which he plans to come at least top 10 in.

Fencing is full of rules, a sport of discipline, as well as being competitive, this week proved it also can be a place to make friends and help others.

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    1. Thanks yes we are proud of him like most parents, as for May it might be in the lap of the gods, but he is braver than I was at his age!

  1. It’s great to see sport – and one involving combat – bringing out the kind and thoughtful side of a boy. You must be doubly proud of him this week.

    How did fencing become his sport? I’ll have a look around the blog to see if I can find the answer myself.
    Touchline Dad recently posted…Touchline companionsMy Profile

    1. He had a flyer in his school bag, and asked to try it. He has very strong little legs and took to it like a duck to water. I am told it is a sport with agility and you need the brain of a chess player which suits him well. You can find your local club through the British Fencing Association.

  2. He sounds like such a lovely boy Tina, a definite credit to you. Not many children his age would let another child win! Well done to him. I hope he continues to enjoy such a great hobby!
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Silent Sunday #11My Profile

    1. Thanks, he has his moments! and it is lovely to see him have something he enjoys so much, even if that in turn brings its own heartache.

    1. Thanks for coming over, and keep your eyes peeled for him, the club already has 2 hopefuls on the Olympic squad.

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