Family Games at Christmas

Family games nights are set to increase this year according to recent research from Drumond Park and I couldn’t agree more with their findings.

A predicted 51% increase over last year in the purchase of  table-top games (which include traditional board games and action games) among parents of 4-9 year-olds may well be on the way.

Drumond Park surveyed over 1,000 families over the Summer and autumn and found more families are planning to buy games this year, an increase on last year. We love family games nights, and where I thought as the boy got older he would grow out of wanting to sit down and play with us I have found the opposite. OK, so there is still the pull of wanting to play computer games, but some nights he will ask to play a board or card game.


Traditional board games are a way of bringing different generations together and help communication between generations. The parents of children aged 4 -9 were surveyed and the findings showed a change of thinking. Parents are wanting to spend more quality time with their kids and surprisingly kids are loving playing games too.

But the main reason parents want more table-top games than ever before is because their children just love them. In previous independent research, undertaken by Drumond Park in May of this year, 86% of 4-9-year-old boys and girls said playing table-top games is one of their favourite forms of play. For girls only, the figure is 87%, while almost 90% of 6-year-olds of both sexes rate table-top games over other forms of play.

For us as a family its time to chat about our day or week, to learn new games and strategy’s and generally just have fun. There is nothing better than ganging up on Dad Dragon with a game of Dig In, or just silly fun with games like Crazy Claw, or Pickin Chickens.

family games

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Research method

Research was carried out on behalf of Drumond Park Games by Censuswide in May and October 2016. Two sets of 1,000 and 1,004 parents with children aged 4-9 years answered online questionnaires.

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  1. About every 5-6 week when we stay at daughters, grandson then daughter games come out, monopoly is the one that comes out

  2. Monopoly and snakes & ladders but don’t play as often as we would like. We will make up for it over Christmas though 🙂

  3. Board games, not that often. My daughter (almost 4) has only recently took an interest, so we’ve bought a couple for Christmas :o) but I love a good board game, me and the OH was playing Cluedo the other night (my favourite!!) … xx

  4. We played one today. ‘what a performance’ great fun with my little ones 🙂 we love games so play a few times a week.

  5. My partner usually plays games with our son before bedtime, their current favourite is the BBQ party game.

  6. all together only at Christmas, Aquire. My daughter runs a board game club that meets twice a week at our local Tescos.

  7. This game looks like so much fun, we play Monopoly we have the Monopoly that you stick photos of your family on so we try to buy each other haha and we like playing The electronic Guess Who!

  8. We only seem to play board games at Christmas on when we’re on holiday. But we do love playing them when we do!

  9. Mainly only at Christmas however our Xmas tradition is however tired I am we open all their new board games and play them all on Boxing Day. Our favourite I think was pop up pirate! Simple but fun x

  10. We’ve only just started as my children weren’t old enough before. Our favourite at the moment is a christmas tree stacking game

  11. Not as often as we would like but once every few months usually at family events. Favourites are Monopoly, Cluedo and Scrabble, the old classics!

  12. We love board games in our family, so we play about once a week. We love classics like Monopoly, but also some slightly less well known ones like Carcassonne. Anything by Orchard games is usually good too.

  13. not as often as we used to, we have some giant ones we play in the garden in the summer and then normally Christmas. our favourite is frustration.

  14. We have regular Games nights about once a fortnight (or more if there’s nothing else on) and love to play pictureka, monopoly and Bingo

  15. We try to have family night every Friday playing games, watching films and eating what the children choose for dinner. My favorite board game is cluedo.

  16. We play them quite regularly as my daughter loves board games, my favourite is Cluedo but my daughter loves Connect 4

  17. we usually play 1 or 2 at the weekends, my children are young so its usually something like frustration or buckaroo.

  18. We tend to play games during the school holidays and my favourite is monopoly. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  19. I like to play Cluedo or monopoly with the older two but frustration and pop up pirate are favourites with my younger two.

  20. We play at least 3 times a week – my 7 & 4 year olds love board games. At the minute Buckaroo and monopoly are the favourites

  21. We play them all the time. We actually had great fun playing ‘Hungry Hippo’ just last night. My little boy gets so worked up if he loses though 😉

  22. At the moment we are into pig goes pop and my daughter would have us playing it at every opportunity if she could!

  23. We have a family night once a week and playing games such as Buckaroo and frustration keep us all entertained

  24. Our favourite board game at the minute is monopoly and we try to have at least one night a week where we play a few family board games

  25. Less nowadays as my son is always out playing football with his friends, but we do try to play a game once a week at the weekends.

  26. My 5 year old daughter loves playing board games with us. Our favourites currently are the classics like Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4.

  27. We usually play a board game on the weekends if we’ve got some time, usually monopoly! I wish we had more spare time though as it’s nice to have some family time.

  28. We have games night once a month our favourite is Disney trivia pursuits as everyone knows the answers adults and all

  29. We play board games every now and then. Not too often because there are a few sore losers in our house hahahha. We are into the logo board game at the moment x

  30. we tend to play more games in the winter our favourite at the minute is monopoly tho its still a bit hard for our youngest to join in

  31. My littlest children enjoy lotto type games and these are great because all the family can play. My eldest loves connect 4

  32. we have a monthly board game afternoon as my other half only gets 1 weekend off a month currently its horrible histories monolopy

  33. We have a board game party once a month, I love logo, but the kids like Disney trivial pursuit and hungry hippos

  34. every week we tend to play on a Sunday after dinner when our grandson is here but the older ones dont join in as much now

  35. Definitely not often enough, my daughter will be 5 in january, I’m hoping her attention span will be a little better as the last games we purchased barely got played!

  36. Not as often as I’d like to, but when we have the nephews round we tend to play something. I like the old classics like Cluedo

  37. I love playing board games. At the moment the kids love Pie Face but I force them to play my fav, Hotel, sometimes x

  38. Not very often, my son has only just started being interested in them, so has asked for a few for Christmas

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